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by : BTF

uNgu - Almost Soulmate

Intro : A

A               A7
i know that's all my fault
D                 Dm
cause i never seem to care
A              A7
i know that's all my fault
D                  Dm
cause i never fight for loosing you


A      A7
i realize it now
D           Dm
it's a foolish thing to do
A       A7
i do realize it now
            D          Dm
how this love should be of taking care
Bm            E
for every step i take
Bm                 E
makes me know how i feel

Reff :
    A            F#m            Bm
How i love you.... i realize it now
You're the living gift i have
Sure i love You
 F#m                         Bm
For being the besting in my life
seems sometime i too forget
F#m         B
how i being in love
You're the reason of my life
E                             F#m
Like a soulmate suppose to be

Interlude : F#m F5 E5 B C#
                F#m F5 E5 B E C#

C#                     F#m
oh but how could this be
it really haunted me
D                                 E
and maybe we are meant for each other

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